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We make all the difference!


It is not only advice but also service that has the highest priority with us. The services we provide do not stop after the sale! Because we know how important the contact and the constant after sales support and communications are.

Installation & set-up

An experienced customer service technician will accompany the set-up and function of all units in order to optimally integrate the SUPERCUT systems into your operation. This is because we want you to be able to work safely and effectively with SUPERCUT machines.

Repeat orders

Our team can be reached every day so that you can place your orders in no time at all. Emails are usually answered within the shortest possible time. You will soon be able to order even more easily and conveniently: Our online shop is now in the starting blocks. Be sure to find out when it is fully up and running.

Customer care

We will take care of you, no matter what business issue you turn to us with! Feel free to contact us by telephone, via the Internet or by email for individual consultation, to arrange on-site appointments, to make suggestions for improvement as well as requests for cooperation, to request technical support or to submit troubleshooting requests.

Maintenance & repair

Our international team is committed to delivering reliable and timely services – worldwide, on-site, with flexible timelines. We would be happy to provide regular implementation of recommended maintenance measures and are on hand with our repair crew to offer advice and assistance. This is how we can actively support you in minimising downtimes.


Would you like to exploit the potential of our products to the maximum? Then book one of our many options for further training. We help you get more out of your business with numerous “fleminars” (=flextos seminars and webinars), live demos, video materials and tutorials. By the way, as a retailer you also receive a comprehensive, carefree marketing package that allows you to showcase our products perfectly.


We offer a wide range of consultancy services in addition to our outstanding products. We will look after you so that you are best prepared for the challenges of business life.

Workplace planning

Upon request, we will evaluate your spatial conditions and requirements on site. Our experts draw up a logical concept that we then tailor precisely to your individual requirements so that we can optimise costs, performance, quality, competitiveness and profit. It goes without saying that, in addition to the type of system required for your company’s objectives, we also determine the necessary integration of existing, upstream/downstream processes, if applicable. This is our all-inclusive offer for you. Feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you!


We can help you better understand the wide range of products we offer. The following options are available for this purpose:

Phone consultation

You can get an initial overview together with printed or digital brochures.

Online consultation

You have the opportunity, for example, to discover machines and accessories live via video call.

In-Person consultation

We shall visit you with our work smart-trailer and demonstrate our systems live.

Consultation with flextos

We have all the systems in our work smart centers and can provide you with comprehensive advice.


Our machines are often profitable within the shortest time.


Our machines already pay for themselves in the first year when they are fully utilised.


The costs for a SUPERCUT XPK/XPS for a duration of 84 months and €6900 residual value amount to €296/month.


The monthly rate for a SUPERCUT XPK/XPS is only €384 for a duration of 84 months.


20 to 50% state funding is possible within the framework of the “Digitalisation in the skilled trades” scheme.

We would be happy to advise you!

Special solutions

Special requirements require customised solutions: From one-man projects through to individual 30-metre production lines, we offer the highest level of expertise. Your ideas and concepts are brought into harmony with our products. The options are almost limitless and we have already implemented large projects in Europe and the USA. Our experience in high-tech construction as well as our cooperation with renowned partners means that we have access to the greatest possible expertise. We supply individual components (cranes, vacuum tables, attachments and conversions, etc.) or complete systems. Come and talk to us and discover the possibilities!

Architects & planners

Construction projects in industrial or commercial buildings require very specific and cost-efficient planning. This is where our many years of experience allow us to offer perfect solutions that will definitely pay off when it comes to architects, construction planners and building owners. We have developed a variety of calculation principles that make it possible to make the right decisions quickly. After all, every centimetre is important in commercial construction. Feel free to contact us and take advantage of our decades of unique expertise!