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Contract Manufacturing in Drywall Construction

We'll do this for you: quickly, precisely, reliably.

With our state-of-the-art machinery we have been producing mouldings and semi-finished products for drywall professionals and the construction industry since 2008.

We are continuously expanding our machine pool as well as our product range to meet our customers' requirements in an innovative and flexible way. Among other machinery, we use our cutting-edge CNC milling and sawing systems.

We produce:

  • free-form shapes for drywall construction (sections/profiles, ceiling sails, etc.)
  • plasterboard mouldings
  • modules for surface heatings (floor and wall heatings)
  • and much more

We specialize in the processing of mineral fibre materials and gypsum-based materials (such as plasterboard).

Pre-Fabricated Mould Components

L-sections, U-sections, Omega sections … have all the required, pre-fabricated gypsum plasterboard components delivered right to your construction site – it's as simple as that and you'll have a clear advantage: you are saving time and money while raising quality at the same time. In addition to that new possibilities in the production of moulded parts will open up for you: we will pre-fabricate forms and shapes, which cannot be realized in conventional drywall construction, precisely as per your requirements and specifications.

What else?

The high-quality workmanship of our mould components (clean edges, consistent quality, etc.) and, above all, the considerable reduction of the construction time secure your competitive advantage.


Service + Support by flextos

Our commitment to you does not end with the handover and commissioning of your machine or tool. Regardless of whether you may require support in procuring and exchanging replacement parts, or wish to conduct recommended maintenance measures at regular intervals – our service team will be pleased to actively advise and assist you in reducing any downtimes whatsoever to a minimum. Our international network ensures you reliable and responsive maintenance and repair services – worldwide, right on-site, flexible in time.


Workplace Planning

Upon your request, we will evaluate your spacial conditions and requirements on site. Our experts for workplace planning will create a conclusive concept which, in the next step, we will adjust and attune together with you precisely to meet your individual requirements – for the optimization of cost, performance, quality, competitiveness, and profit, of course.

It goes without saying that, in addition to determining the type of system required for your business objectives, we may also determine the necessary integration for the inclusion of existing upstream and downstream processes, if applicable.

This is our all-inclusive offer for you.