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VARIO Mounting Plate

stepless level compensation for facing shells

In order to straighten uneven wall surfaces and/or unplastered masonry or exposed brickwork in a conventional way, they will have to be levelled out with a plaster layer before the actual plastering work can start. However, if a subsurface is extremely uneven, dry construction boards are usually used: the boards will be screwed onto a dry construction substructure made of profiles.

Our new VARIO screw anchor system does away with all these conventional substructures.

Your benefits:

  • stepless level compensation up to 190 millimetres
  • no substructures required
  • easy and quick assembly
  • suitable for all common drywall boards and lightweight panels

Our VARIO mounting plate allows you to realize facing shells in a professional manner – without any need for complex substructures. VARIO mounting plates will compensate for any unevenness of up to 190 millimetres. For this particular purpose, the mounting plates will be attached to the masonry at 60-centimetre intervals.

 VARIO mounting plates
 VARIO mounting plates
 VARIO mounting plates
 VARIO mounting plates
 VARIO mounting plates