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Adhesive/Bonding Systems

In order to facilitate handling during assembly as well as to improve the stability of plasterboard mouldings, milled grooves will be glued.

Your benefits:

  • stability – glueing the groove will prevent bending and possible breakage of the moulding as a result of deformation
  • durability – the foaming of the PU adhesive will ensure optimum bonding with the corresponding panel materials
  • flexibility with adequate and suitable bonding, a wide variety of design requirements may be fulfilled

Hot-Melt Adhesive Technology

hot-melt adhesive kit, consisting of a glue gun and a compressor

Fire Protection Bonding Agent Firebond®

for all bondings with fire protection requirements

Interesting Facts on Bonding Systems

With the individual components of our adhesive/bonding systems you will be perfectly equipped for the professional production of mouldings.
All components and techniques have been tried and tested and proved their worth in drywall construction and interior construction alike for many years.

And this is how it works:

  1. Moisten the milled, clean groove with a brush or by using a spray bottle – the moisture will make the adhesive harden faster.
  2. Insert PU adhesive into the groove – a thin layer of adhesive will be sufficient.
  3. Insert the moulding into the glueing template.
  4. Use the hot glue gun to apply a trace of glue on the inside to fixate the sides.
  5. After approximately 20 seconds, carefully remove the moulding from the mould – allow the PU adhesive to cure completely (for about 30 minutes).