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It’s the length that counts…

This is every time when you have something bigger in mind and need to mill or saw large jobs quickly and conveniently with the SUPERCUT tables

If the tables are not long enough, it gets complicated.
But it doesn’t have to be – the new extensions for the SUPERCUT XPK, XPS and CNC milling and sawing tables are quickly attached, expand the machining spectrum many times over and significantly shorten the production time.

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Your advantages with the SUPERCUT table extensions:

  • significant extension of the machining area by 1500mm

  • processing of several panels in a row (2x 2000mm or 2x 2500mm)

  • fewer work interruptions due to panel changes

  • higher capacity utilisation of the table

  • increased throughput

  • various lengths (1500mm, 4000mm, 4800mm) + custom built tables possible

Dust-free + precise milling and cutting – from now on: on a large scale

With flextos SUPERCUT milling and sawing tables, you can transform panel materials of all kinds for dry construction into precisely fitting shaped parts, wall, floor and ceiling elements.

Now also available for multiple panels in a row (up to 2x 2000mm GKB or 2x 2500mm GKB).


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