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flexTHERM Temperature Systems

smart temperature systems for floors, walls + ceilings

flextos specializes, among other things, in the production of modules for surface heating systems (floor heating, wall heating, ceiling heating), in particular for renovation/refurbishment projects.

With its extraordinarily low installation height of as little as 2 cm, our flexTHERM underfloor heating is ideal for use in building renovations and refurbishments. Its specially milled layout allows for quick and facilitated heating pipe installation.

Your benefits: 

  • low installation height (2 cm)
  • reduced installation time
  • low moisture ingression
  • quick heat-up time

Aside from being suitable for large-format tiles, our Fermacell®-tested heating system has also been approved for a load range of 4 kN/m², in accordance with the respective installation regulations.

easy and quick to install – accepting foot traffic within shortest time – short response time – highly efficient:
the ideal floor heating for renovation, refurbishment, and dry construction

flexTHERM wall or ceiling heatings stand for both economical and ecological temperature control. Our modular, prefabricated panel system, made of milled Fermacell® gypsum fibre boards, allows for quick and easy installation. The Fermacell® gypsum fibre boards (IBR test mark of the Rosenheim Institute for Building Biology) we use have undergone very thorough building biology testing, and are known as a proven material in timber house construction, for example.

Drywall construction wall heating systems contribute significantly to the reduction of energy costs. Additionally, wall heating modules may also be used for ceiling heating or cooling systems.

energy-efficient – contemporary – flexible:
ideal temperature solutions for forward-looking drywall construction technologies

smart temperature systems for floors, walls + ceilings
floor heating - FlexTherm
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floor heating - FlexTherm
floor heating - FlexTherm
floor heating - FlexTherm
floor heating - FlexTherm
floor heating - FlexTherm
floor heating - FlexTherm
floor heating - FlexTherm