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flexFORM Plasterboard Mouldings

plasterboard mouldings for flexible shaping + design

With the use of gypsum plasterboard mouldings, work processes – which otherwise are very time-consuming – may be optimized in a most efficient manner:

  • no edge/corner protection profiles required
  • no filling and/or sanding work required
  • maximum flexibility due to individually manufactured mouldings

Your benefits:

  • minimized time and material expenditure
  • quick, clean, and precise processing
  • project-related quantities and shapes
  • on-schedule deliveries
  • consistently high quality

Our most flexible production possibilities and capacities allow us to respond to your requirements at short notice, and – by providing our prefabricated plasterboard mouldings to you – support you in completing your building project on time.

From L- and U-brackets to integrated edge protection – with the numerous standard products from our catalogue, otherwise time-consuming superstructures may quickly and easily be realized.

How about something more sophisticated?

With our cutting-edge machinery we mill plasterboard ceiling sails and/or plasterboard free-form shapes/mouldings as per your individual requests and requirements.

high-quality – flexible – precise:
our gypsum plasterboard moulding production offer for you

Have you ever thought of producing plasterboard mouldings yourself?

Piece of cake, as we have got the perfect machines for just that purpose. With our flextos Supercut Milling and Sawing Machines you will be able to produce gypsum plasterboard mouldings quickly and flexibly, in almost any desired shape.  



In drywall construction, L-brackets are mainly used as corner brackets for interior and exterior corners in wall construction processes. And this does away with the installation of corner profiles as well as subsequent time-consuming filling work. The result: even, top-quality edges.



U-brackets are used to clad or cover pipelines on ceilings or walls. This produces two even and clean corners in one single processing step, without any additional filling-work. U-brackets may also be used for cladding/covering open wall endings.



Integrated Edge Protection

PLEXIGLAS® rods are inserted in milled grooves in order to protect their edges. This provides the edges with a characteristic 4 mm radius rounding and, additionally, an increased stability against impact.

Integrated Edge Protection