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Milling and Sawing Machines for
Drywall Construction

Optimize time, efficiency, quality, and cost with innovative drywall construction machines by flextos GmbH

With our specialized milling and sawing machines, boards and panels made of mineral fibre and gypsum-based materials (such as gypsum plasterboard, for instance) may be processed optimally and efficiently.

In addition to that, flextos machines may be used to produce both angular and round mouldings.

Our innovative and modular machine units allow for fast, efficient, and cost-saving processing – such as milling, copy-milling, and sawing – of a most diverse variety of board materials. We will be pleased to provide individual and detailed information on numerous other accessory options – e.g. extraction systems for dust-free work, suitable glueing systems, and many more – as well as on all aspects of professional workplace planning to you.

flextos milling and sawing machines are definitely indispensable for modern drywall construction and interior construction alike.

Your benefits with flextos machines:

  • perfect edges without any grinding and filling
  • no edge breakout or chipping
  • consistent, highest possible quality
  • minimal grinding dust exposure
  • on-site production without any unnecessary waiting times

Stationary, Semi-Stationary and Mobile Machines

Depending on the size of your construction project, the design requirements of your project, and your budget, we will advise you and offer you custom-fit, individual solutions:

Hybrid CNC

With the flextos Hybrid CNC  milling and sawing table – an absolute novelty on the market – even staff without any prior CNC knowledge will be able to produce complex shapes from mineral fibre and gypsum-based materials (such as gypsum plasterboard). The Hybrid CNC user interface allows for intuitive operations. Shapes such as circles, rectangles, and arcs have been preset by default and may be flexibly adapted. With flextos Hybrid CNC, the milling and cutting of even complex gypsum plasterboard shapes has never been easier before.

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Supercut XPS

flextos Supercut XPS is a stationary milling and sawing table with modular, exchangeable units for processing board materials. Its expandable working surface has been designed for the processing of several boards (e.g. Alucobond, OSB, gypsum plasterboard, etc.) in one single work step.

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Supercut XP

flextos Supercut XP, a semi-stationary milling and sawing table, is predestined for trade fair construction and large, far-off construction sites. It may be set up in as little as 15 minutes, yet offers the comfort and functionality of a stationary milling and sawing machine at the same time. In confined spaces, our Supercut XP may be folded and stowed away again in just a few simple steps.

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Milling and sawing table for producing moulded parts from plasterboard

Supercut XPM

The mobile milling and sawing machine, flextos Supercut XPM, has been designed for the production of mouldings right on the construction site. Mouldings may be produced on site, in their required dimensions and shapes, straight from the gypsum plasterboard pallet:
Place machine on the top gypsum plasterboard → adjust with laser beam → mill → done.
It couldn't be easier to cut or mill gypsum plasterboard, right?

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Supercut XPO

The manually guided flextos Supercut XPO drywall construction router is the most cost-saving option for the production of gypsum plasterboard mouldings. Its highly efficient extraction device allows for dust-free work. Special accessory tools are available for the Supercut XPO router, in particular for processing board materials made of Fermacell®, OSB, or gypsum-based materials.

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Supercut XPO