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Extraction Systems

Our stationary or mobile extraction units and systems allow for dust-free, healthy, and flexible work in the areas of drywall construction and interior construction alike. We will be pleased to advise you on the selection of a suitable device for your individual applications.

High-Performance Industrial Vacuum Cleaner DC 1800 eco

mobile extraction system for highest demands

High-Performance Industrial Vacuum Cleaner DC Tromb 400a

semi-stationary extraction system – the complete solution for workshops

Mobile Vacuum Cleaner iPulse L-1635 Top

versatile extraction system for mobile milling and sawing machines


for a consistently stable extraction performance and low filter loads

Interesting facts on the correlation between extraction technology and environmental/health protection

Due to the high dust exposure in drywall construction, the employment of appropriate construction site vacuum cleaners and other mobile extraction devices is mandatory. Ideally, they will remove the dust as soon as it occurs. A mobile extraction system, which is directly connected to the corresponding milling and sawing machine or grinding machine, is the most ideal solution indeed.